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Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills
4,6 (94 vurderinger)
ISBN: 978-87-7681-603-2
1 utgave
Sider : 56
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Om boken

  1. Beskrivelse
  2. Innledning
  3. Innhold


This textbook introduces the reader to what being an effective leader is all about. From their mindset and skills through to their behaviors and competencies, this book will provide the reader with actionable tools and strategies to become a better leader in business, in the studies and in life in general.


When we talk about leadership skills, what exactly do we mean? Leadership skills are the tools, behaviors, and capabilities that a person needs in order to be successful at motivating and directing others. Yet true leadership skills involve something more; the ability to help people grow in their own abilities. It can be said that the most successful leaders are those that drive others to achieve their own success.

In this textbook, you’ll be given information to help you start building your leadership skills immediately. You will be given specific tools and tips so that you’ll be able to take what you learn and will be able to apply it the moment you are done reading. If you do, you will be amazed at how quickly you can improve your leadership abilities. You’ll start to see those around you react to you differently. You’ll find that work can be a more pleasant place to be and that you truly can lead others on to their own success.

Of course, the work place and your studies is not the only area of your life where you can put these skills to use. There are many ideas introduced here that will help you to be a more effective leader in any area of your life. As a parent, a spouse, a soccer coach, a charity board member, or as any other kind of leader, you will be able to apply this information and feel confident that you can be a successful leader in any area of life that you choose.

Sean McPheat, the Founder and Managing Director of management development specialists, MTD Training is the author of this publication. Sean has been featured on CNN, BBC, ITV, on numerous radio stations and has contributed to many newspapers. He’s been featured in over 250 different publications as a thought leader within the management development and training industry.

MTD has been working with a wide variety of clients (both large and small) in the UK and internationally for several years.

MTD specialise in providing:

• In-house, tailor made management training courses (1-5 days duration)

• Open courses (Delivered throughout the UK at various locations)

• Management & leadership development programmes (From 5 days to 2 years)

• Corporate and executive coaching (With senior or middle managers)

MTD provide a wide range of management training courses and programmes that enable new and experienced managers to maximise their potential by gaining or refining their management and leadership skills.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced trainers and consultants have all had distinguished careers in senior management roles and bring with them a wealth of practical experience to each course. At MTD Training we will design and deliver a solution that suits your specific needs addressing the issues and requirements from your training brief that best fits your culture, learning style and ways of working.

Our programmes are delivered when and where you need them! We believe that training should be fun, highly interactive and provide “real world” practical techniques and methods that you can use back in the office – and that’s exactly what we provide.



1. Introduction
1.1 What Are Leadership Skills?
1.2 A Born Leader?
1.3 What You Will Learn

2. Three Traits Every Successful Leader Must Have
2.1 Introduction
2.1 The Desire to Lead
2.2 Commitment to the Mission and Vision of the Organization
2.3 Integrity
2.3.1 Sincerity
2.3.2 Consistency
2.3.3 Substance

3. Understanding Your Role: Leading vs. Managing
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Differentiating Between Management Skills and Leadership Skills
3.3 Our Perceptions of Leadership

4. How Your Personality Style Affects Your Ability to Lead
4.1 Introduction
4.2 The Personality Matrix
4.2.1 Direct
4.2.2 Spirited
4.2.3 Systematic
4.2.4 Considerate
4.3 The Platinum Rule

5. Leadership Styles
5.1 Introduction
5.2 The Autocratic Leadership Style
5.2.1 Characteristics
5.2.2 Advantages
5.2.3 Disadvantages
5.2.4 When to Use It
5.3 The Democratic Leadership Style
5.3.1 Characteristics
5.3.2 Advantages
5.3.3 Disadvantages
5.3.4 When to Use It
5.4 The Bureaucratic Leadership Style
5.4.1 Characteristics
5.4.2 Advantages
5.4.3 Disadvantages
5.4.4 When to Use It
5.5 The Charismatic Leadership Style
5.5.1 Characteristics
5.5.2 Advantages
5.5.3 Disadvantages
5.5.4 When to Use It

6. Leading the Team
6.1 Team Purpose Statements
6.1.1 The Power of Purpose
6.1.2 Creating the Team Purpose Statement
6.2 Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing
6.2.1 Introduction
6.2.2 Forming
6.2.3 Storming
6.2.4 Norming
6.2.5 Performing
6.2.6 Adjouring or Mourning
6.2.7 Your Approach During Each Phase

7. Delegating
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Why People Resist Delegating
7.3 When Delegating Does and Doesn’t Work
7.4 To Whom?
7.5 How to Delegate Successfully

8. Mentoring Others
8.1 Introduction
8.2 What is Mentoring?
8.3 What to Consider before Mentoring
8.4 Structuring Your Mentoring Relationship

9. Resources

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